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Jedah Dohma was a major villain from Darkstalkers. He is a dark messiah with some traits borrowed from the Grim Reaper. He has an unique appearance of a thick body suit that shows his muscular body. His hair is not shown completely, hidden by a headdress that has a bat-like appearance and he has long and retractable finger nails as well as wings that have a metallic appearance. All of Jedah's moves are unusually gory, using his blood to attack enemies.

Besides Darkstalkers, Jedah has also appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Capcom Fighting Evolution, and Cross Edge.


During development, early sketches of a character called "Belial Jr" was made. This was a character that was going to be Morrigan's brother and his design was inspired by Morrigan's concept art. Eventually this idea of what would have been technically a new character was scrapped and eventually was re-purposed as a redesign for the pre-existing noble Jedah Dohma. While Belial Jr. is often seen as an early version or prototype of Jedah as a whole, Jedah Dohma was an already existing character in the canon albeit less complex and just another dead noble. His original look was a giant monstrous goat-bug being and the redesign was used for his resurrection. In a way, another point of view is that Belial Jr. wasn't necessarily scrapped but was just merged into Jedah's recreation.


Though he is over 6000 years old, Jedah is the youngest out of the three High Nobles of Makai.

Jedah was always distressed about the future of Makai (Japanese for "demon world"). He believed that if Makai was left under Belial's rule, the master of the Aensland family and the true ruler of Makai, then it would grow old and begin to decay. Belial would most likely say that such is destiny and life. Jedah considered Belial to be an abomination, and actively sought out the opportunity to kill him, waiting for the right time to strike.

After the death of Galnon, the master of the Voshtal family and the oldest of the three high nobles, Jedah had a young confidant named Ozom. Simply put, he was a gourmet. The reason he came under Jedah was to be able to eat delicious souls. As a noble, his skills were second class, but his ability to deceive others were first class. He was a genius in using others. He advised Jedah about using the gate of Makai. Jedah, being confident in his ability to absorb souls, agreed to this. He ordered Ozom to break a part of the seal to open the gate more.


Jedah's Darkstalkers 3 Ending

Ending from ad of anger, he fe

When Ozom arrived at the gates, he realized that enormous powers lay within the gates and that even Jedah would destroy himself if he absorbed all this power at once and saw this as his chance to take over the throne. He lies to Jedah and tells him that he must destroy all the seals because little power was coming out. After destroying the seals, he ran off to the far reaches of Makai. The destruction of Jedah meant his rise in power and his plot succeeded.

Ozom gathered the left over power and stored it in Dohma Castle. This is how Ozom became the new master of the Dohma family; the birth of Emperor Ozom.

100 years later, after a century-long sleep, Jedah was revived in Makai. He felt distressed towards the crazed Makai, nobles fighting each other and spilling blood. Instead of anger, he felt pity towards Ozom, who had betrayed him. Jedah had already made up his mind: all souls now had to be completely cleansed. For this, a new dimension was necessary: Majigen.

Jedah arrived at Dohma Castle and saw Ozom and laid out his hand. Although his powers were not yet completely restored yet, he had enough powers to remove Ozom. Now that Ozom had been reduced to a spineless pile of flesh, Jedah quietly whispers, "Ozom... I am sorry, but please lend me your powers. Your soul would become the foundation of Majigen and will help the future of Makai."

The Dohma Castle was taken into the dark space along with the now-soulless Ozom. This was the beginning of Ozom's salvation. Jedah believed that he was the one that needed to recreate life by fusing all souls into one life form, the Shintai. To do this, he summoned all those with worthy souls to enter into his newly created realm.

While many fans believe Morrigan as the one to defeat Jedah, no one officially has defeated Jedah. The actual idea was for an awakened Anita to be the only entity to defeat Jedah and Darkstalkers 3 ended on a cliffhanger. Presumably leaving the Jedah and Anita battle for next game until it got cancelled. Capcom has confirmed that Jedah will target Morrigan and Lilith, who are now fused to each other, eventually. So them fusing with the Shintai/Fetus of God was pretty much inevitable. So while it hasn’t been confirmed when exactly Jedah would get Morrigan and Lilith, it is known that at some point he will have them fuse with the Fetus of God as they aren’t the true ones meant to stop him.


Jedah is very cool, collected and confident. He has a degree of arrogance, but as a whole, he is focused and patient, all for achieving his goal of saving Makai from a destiny seen by Belial. It is rare to see Jedah express emotion, except in fits of insanity. But even these are subdued by his own calm attitude eventually. In some reference artwork when he is in a rare extreme fit of rage, his face will deform into a skull-like angry face. He is often misinterpreted as someone who is pure evil and only wants full power all for himself. But he is actually an extremely morally gray villain who does not believe in the concept of good and evil and his goal does not focus on either or and only what he sees as the way things should be. While he doesn't believe in good in evil he does have a concept of chaos and order and he wants to end all chaos in Makai. While certainly insane and even sadistic at times, he is far from a selfish and power hungry tyrannical ruler. He believes that it is wrong to rule as king or lord and making people kneel for them, seen in his discussion as a special fight against Anakaris, and that he thinks what a lord or king should do instead is make your people become a part of you.

Powers and Abilities

Being an S-Class Darkstalker, Jedah is one of the strongest beings in the Darkstalkers universe. His very blood is dangerous and can even hurt enemies and he especially likes to splash it in large waves. Splashes of his blood can reform into jagged blades, and his trademark attack, consist of a floating, rotating bloody blade. In addition, he can pump his enemies full of blood until they explode from the inside out and summon large demonic hands. He can even decapitate himself or mutilate any of his body parts without suffering any ill-effects and can regenerate his body parts from these wounds. He is fond of contorting his wings into weapons, such as forming them into spinning blades and scythes or use them as shields. He doesn't really use punches or kicks, instead relying on his wings and claws. He can extend his arms and his claws towards his foes to pierce them. He is able to absorb the souls of others from which he can instantly increase his own powers. He is capable of passing through dimensions and he can sense the energies of other beings on a cosmic scale.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Jedah appears for the first time as a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as a major antagonist. In the game's story mode, he is amongst the villains who have willingly aligned with Ultron Sigma (a fusion between Avengers' Ultron and Mega Man X's Sigma), with the goal of assimilating as many millions of souls as possible into a giant Klyntar symbiote. Though a staggering task, his ability to control souls is bolstered through the use of the Soul Stone he has in his possession. To that end, he partners with M.O.D.O.K. of A.I.M.Brella (a merger between A.I.M. and Umbrella), who holds open the portal to the Dark Kingdom (a fusion between his home series' Makai Kingdom and the Dark Dimension) using the Mind Stone he has in his possession, which would allow the Symbiote to run free once completed. Jedah also finds himself an ally in Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension, and Firebrand due to the merger of their respective realms.

Jedah in this game was somewhat censored to fit into this crossover series. His blood was changed from it's normal red to purple in order to slightly mask the apparent levels of gore he enacts with some of his attacks. Some of his moves were also changed to tone down the violence, however his overall gameplay and visuals remains for the most part untouched from his appearance in his home series.


  • As mentioned in the concept section, Belial Jr. was a character who essentially was merged into Jedah Dohma as a redesign for a pre-existing character. Ironically, Jedah was, in a sense, an enemy of Belial, who is adoptive father of Morrigan.
    • Adding to this irony, it is a bit of a common headcanon for fans to view Jedah as a dad or father-figure to Lilith as Jedah physically constructed her body and in a sense brought her into the world at least physically. Lilith also canonically views the Majigen as her birthplace. It may also be incorrectly stated by some that Jedah created Lilith by scratch, but many are aware Lilith was an already existing entity before she gained a body so will see Jedah's role in her life as a form of "adoption". In this view point, he has essentially made the divided soul of his enemy's child into his own "child" even if it was just for the sake of his plan.
  • Jedah's costume resembles that of an altered Japanese high school boy's uniform called a gakuran.
  • All of Jedah's attacks are written in Italian.
  • During Demitri's Midnight Bliss, Jedah is transformed into a woman with long blonde hair. This transformation of Jedah is also seen in the Pocket Fighter stage, Demitri's Moving Castle.
  • During Anakaris' Pharaoh's Curse, Jedah transforms into a black bird carrying a scythe.
  • During Jedah's San=Passare (vs himself), Jedah's belly inflates, an outie pops out, and his belly explodes.
  • Close inspection of Jedah's sprites reveal that his wings are not actually attached to his body, but instead hover behind. This is apparent especially when he is flying or hovering.
  • His voice actor in Japan is Isshin Chiba, who reprises his role in every game that Jedah appears in with the exception of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, which does not have a Japanese dub.
  • His English voice actors is Travis Willingham in Cross Edge and David Kaye in Marvel VS. Capcom: Infinite
  • Due to his blood flashing purple in censored versions, there is a bit of a joke in the community to refer to Jedah as either; jelly, jam, punch, juice or other similar food or drink items because of the way it looks.
  • Jedah's goal is, as he says, the salvation of souls. It’s not meant to be a good deed, evidently he just believes this is nature’s divine providence.
  • When asked what's going on underneath his clothes, Capcom responded "An entrance to another dimension for supplying his magical power (connected to sacred Shinto objects?) and his (current) real form’s blood fill the space."
    • In his move where he forces the opponent to sign a contract by slamming them in and stealing their soul, this dimension can be partially seen when Jedah opens his clothes as the soul goes into it.
  • The Fetus of God is said to be a container for the souls that make up sacred Shinto objects, and will become Jedah’s real form once his resurrection is complete.
  • In Darkstalkers 1 canon, Ozom initially originated from the Dohma clan. It was Jedah's own idea to steal powers from the door so that he can kill Belial but accidentally killed himself in the process and Ozom took his place. In the current canon, he has unknown origins and was just someone that met Jedah, became his confidante and replaced his role as head of the Dohma house after tricking him into his death.
    • Ozom is the base for the Fetus of God and Majigen itself. Adding onto the dad Jedah Dohma headcanon, the Fetus of God is sometimes portrayed as Jedah's literal baby in fanart, as in an actual father and child relationship. In a sense Jedah did reincarnate Ozom as his baby even if a familial connection is not the intent. This sort of loops back to making Ozom an unofficial "member" of the Dohma clan as even without a legitimate familial relationship, Ozom is now a part of Jedah.
  • He is the only character who doesn't use punches or kicks.
  • He has similarities to the Shinigami.
  • In the All About Vampire Savior guidebook, translated notes state that Jedah's body is akin to a variable liquid, that is composed of the minimum amount of magical power required for resurrection. Therefore, the red liquid which he frequently uses as a means to attack is not exactly "blood". The wings on the back and the clothes are made up of the same liquid which the body is composed of. When standing still without doing anything, red liquid flows down from Jedah's shoulders, and the hem of his clothes.




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