Jasmine is a character from Viewtiful Joe series. She is the daughter of Jet and Junko, and the sister of the hero of the games, Viewtiful Joe.

Story Edit

Double Trouble Edit

In Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble, Jasmine is an aspiring actress, who has landed a role in an upcoming Captain Blue film. Joe is often seen fighting and bickering with his sister, but when the going gets tough, she is there with a helping hand. She is often found hiding in the background. The player can use the Nintendo DS touchscreen to get a Cheeseburger, a V-Impact or some other helpful item from her.

Jasmine also joins in the fighting with her disc that she stumbled upon in Miniature World. If the player holds the Attack button, she throws it out. It fires at any enemies hanging around.

Other Appearance Edit

Jasmine also appears in the PSP version of Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble.


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