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James Marcus, in his "reborn" form, inhabited by the Queen Leech.

James Marcus is a character from the Resident Evil series. He is a major antagonist in Resident Evil 0.


First head of Umbrella's Management Training Facility. A founding member of Umbrella Corporation and one of the pioneers who discovered the Progenitor virus. He was so involved in his research he began to use Umbrella employees as test subjects in his experiments. The number of sacrifices totaled nearly 20 people.

Acting under special orders from Ozwell E. Spencer, Albert Wesker and William Birkin assassinated Dr. Marcus in 1988. However, ten years after his death, he was mysteriously revived, looking decades younger. To exact his revenge, he began secret activities with the goal of not only destroying Umbrella, but the entire world. Though Marcus did not live to see it, the events he had set in motion eventually led to Raccoon City's destruction and the deaths of most of its population, along with the eventual downfall of the Umbrella Corporation. Thus, his wish was granted, but at a terrible price.

Mimicry Marcus[]

The Mimicry Marcus is composed of a number of leeches that assume the form of James Marcus. There are several of them roaming around in Resident Evil 0. The leeches secrete an adhesive bodily fluid in order to mold together. However, this form can only be sustained if it is stationary. When an intruder approaches, the leeches break form, changing into a being which attacks the player by stretching its left arm like a whip and striking out. When critically damaged, the leeches will explode, making it risky fighting one and far better to run away. However, if three Molotov cocktails are thrown at it, it will be consumed by fire.

Other appearance[]

James Marcus returned as a boss in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.