Jadow is the name of a sinister organization in the Viewtiful Joe series of beat 'em up action games.

Joe initially fights them in the first game, and in the anime series. Their members also appear as playable characters and bosses in Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble. Their forces are many and their influence is wide.

The most common foot soldiers in Jadow are the Biankies, humanoid robots that often attack in swarms. They are secretly led by King Blue, but their official leader is Inferno Lord Fire Leo, who fights using both flames and claws.

Other members include Dark Fiend Charles the Third, a arrogant and snobbish bat-like agent; Iron Ogre Hulk Davidson, is a rhino-like agent who was responsible for Captain Blue's scar; and Aquatic Terror Gran Bruce, a shark-like agent, who is lower on the intelligence scale than most of the other Jadow.

The Jadow were followed by Gedow and Madow.

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