Hunter (ハンター Hantā?) is a character from the Final Fight series who made his first appearance in the 3rd installment. He is one of the common enemies that the hero usually faces.



Hunter is a tall, muscular thug who has a slight hunch. He has light skin and wars a dark blue and white baseball uniform and cap along with armbands on both of his wrists and wears brown shoes. In Final Fight III, Besides dark blue, He has alternate colors that are orange and green. He carries a baseball bat on his back which he uses to attack enemies. He always hides his surprisingly handsome face with a hockey mask, which may lead one to believe that he wears his mask for the exact same reason as Street Fighter character Vega.


A violent and odd member of the Skull Cross Gang, Hunter is considered notorious for his method of fighting, Which involves him to sneak up behind his opponents and bash them incessantly with his bat. Although he wears sports gear, Hunter hates sports with a passion.


Although Hunter isn't a necessarily aggressive enemy, He can do severe damage using his baseball bat. He also has a fast punch and a sliding attack. His most frequently used attack, Though, Is his move with the baseball bat. Hunter stands between the less effective enemies and the bosses of Final Fight 3. On average, his attacks do more damage than many of the game's other enemies.

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