Higsby in Mega Man Battle Network.

Higsby is a recurring character in the Mega Man Battle Network series. He is found in every Battle Network game except for Mega Man Battle Network 6.



Higsby's personality is defined by his love of Battle Chips, and he travels across the world looking for them. He is even willing to work for the WWW in order to get them. However, he soon learns the error of his ways and decides to sell chips for a living. Higsby also has a crush on the school teacher Ms. Mari in both the games and anime. In the anime, he is known to be excitable and freaks out often, but becomes a father figure to Shuko Kido.


For the most part, his role in the story is selling Battle Chips in a chip shop. His NetNavi is NumberMan.EXE. He first appears as a professor, working for World Three to brainwash kids and take their rare Battle Chips. After being defeated by Lan Hikari, he opens his chip shop in ACDC Town.


  • Although Higsby knows how dangerous Dark Chips are (and even freaks out at seeing one), in Mega Man Battle Network 5, players can obtain a Dark Chip from the Number Lotto in his shop.
  • In Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, Higsby's shop provides the option to "Get info", which means to receive advice on gameplay. The varying pieces of information are shown at random, but there's a chance that Higsby will say: "Sigh... Ms. Mari...".
  • Higsby, unlike his Battle Network and Star Force successors, has several ways of selling Battle Chips: through a normal vendor and via a premium service order list. Players may also be able to buy some rare chips they can't ordinarily get from his shop or other places if they look through Higsby's display shelves. Additionally, his "bargain bin" may also contain some chips for sale.
  • In Mega Man Star Force 2, in Lan's diary entry from July, it is said that some years after Mega Man Battle Network 6, Higsby's shop moved to a new location that will be 10 stories tall and would be called "Higsby's Chip Emporium".


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