Hideaki Utsumi (内海 秀明) is a former Capcom sound designer best known for his work on the Resident Evil series. He joined in 1995 and subsequently worked on the series' first entry, eventually attaining the title of Chief Sound Designer. His main alias is Tono2097, though he has also been known as Tencho.

Other works with Capcom include Devil May Cry, Clock Tower 3, Glass Rose, Mega Man X: Command Mission and Haunting Ground - the last of which he created a remix for the game's soundtrack release.

Outside of Capcom he is also a member of the band mT, serving as its keyboard and MIDI stick player.

He left the company in 2009 following his work on Resident Evil 5 and became a music educator at the HAL Osaka Technical School. Since then he has joined GeOnDan, which dissolved near the close of 2011.

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Demento Original Sound Track

  • Homunculus ~ Orgasmus Mix -- Remixed by

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