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Hewie is a four year old German Shepherd and a character from the survival horror game, Haunting Ground where he joins the human protagonist Fiona Belli on her quest.


Hewie becomes attached to Fiona after she saves him from cruel captivity in the early stages of the game. He seems healthy and was apparently well cared for at some time. Hewie is fiercely loyal and will not hesitate to attack Fiona's pursuers, when trained correctly. He is her only hope of escaping Castle Belli alive.

Fiona tending to an injured Hewie.

Hewie also helps Fiona with many trials she faces throughout the castle. He is able to solve puzzles and show Fiona paths that would get her killed if she didn't take the right way. Many items are only obtainable using Hewie, as Fiona is not athletically fit to perform actions that require quick or strenuous activity. Hewie is also shown to be able to set up ambushes, being able to fend off many attackers of Fiona by taking them by surprise.


Hewie's normal appearance throughout most of the game is that of a white German Shepherd, however there are two additional costumes that can be unlocked by beating the game and give him special abilities.

  • Black - Acquired by earning any of the four different endings. Hewie is now a black German Shepherd and his attack power has increased, however he is a bit less obedient.
  • Stuffed Toy - Acquired by beating the game in Hard Mode and attaining the Top Breeder of Dog-Loving ranking. Hewie is now a black German Shepherd plush toy and cannot be felled by physical attacks.

Other Appearances[]

Hewie, along with Fiona and Debilitas, appears in Joe the Condor's ending in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

At one point during Resident Evil 4, Leon S. Kennedy comes across a dog resembling Hewie caught in a trap. If he saves the dog, it will help him during the El Gigante boss battle.


  • If the player plays in hard mode, the "comments" section of the game are replaced with Hewie's thoughts rather than Fiona's. Through this the player can see his point of view on many topics, such as how he thinks Fiona is lazy (because she makes him crawl through many places she could fit through) and how he thinks Debilitas taste bad.


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