Hakan's family, who live with him in Turkey. The family consists of Hakan, his wife Melike, and their seven daughters.

Melike (メリケ Merike?) is the wife of Hakan. She is a beautiful woman who once became Miss Turkey. She's also a successful businesswoman, Giving her husband support, Being the owner of her own soccer team, And sponsoring an oil wrestling tournament. Hakan is very nice with their daughters and likes to spoil them by giving them anything and everything they ask for. This upsets Melike as she doesn't approve of pampering them. Hakan never goes against his wife because she can be very scary when she gets angry.

Hakan's daughters (ハカンの娘たち?) are, from the eldest to the youngest: Abla (アブラ Abura?, "big sister"), Susam (スサム Susamu?, "sesame"), Hurması (フルマジ Furumaji?, "date"), Tereyağı (テレヤウ Tereyau?, "butter"), Kanola (カノラ Kanora?, "canola"), Zeytin (ゼイチン Zeichin?, "olive"), and Ayçiçeği (アイチチ Aichichi?, "sunflower"). The number of "blocks" in their unique hairstyle corresponds to their birth order. They are full of energy and like to play with a toy version of Hakan that releases oil when squeezed. Hakan enjoys pampering them by giving them anything they ask for. This upsets Melike as she doesn't approve of it. As of current, Tereyağı is in a rebellious phase.

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