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Hakan (ハカン) is a character of the Street Fighter series, and the new and final character confirmed in Super Street Fighter IV. He is the first Turkish character introduced in Street Fighter, and he represents the Yağlı güreş style.


Hakan is the president of the world's leading edible oil manufacturer and a leader in Turkey's national sport of Yağlı güreş. His drive to fight in the Street Fighter tournament, not for revenge or for training, but rather to have fun and make his cherished wife and seven darling daughters proud, along the way searching for the world's perfect oil recipe.

During the tournament, Hakan encounters his old friend, E. Honda. Their meeting gets competitive when each claims that theirs is the best fighting style in the world, and a match ensues. Honda loses and acknowledges that it was a good fight, but warns Hakan not to expect him to lose next time as he leaves. Hakan then muses that Japan has a number of different oils, and tells his family that they are heading to Japan to expand their business.


Hakan is a huge Turkish oil wrestler with deep red skin and a strong accent. He has strange turquoise hair worn in circular curls aligned rather symmetrically on his head and a large mustache. He wears a large belt that not only bears a golden lion's head as its buckle, but also cradles an enormous golden chain that links from belt to shoulderpad like a bandolier. He wears tight blue pants moderately similar to traditional Yağlı güreş garb, but they are adorned with golden ringlets and leather bands. He also wears wristbands and anklebands. Though not used or visible during combat, he can also be seen toting around a massive barrel with a golden lion's head similar to the one on his belt emblazoned upon one end. The barrel contains a large quantity of oil, as can be deduced when he hoists it above his head and drenches himself with it at the beginning of each match.