GutsMan.EXE in Mega Man Battle Network.

GutsMan.EXE is a character from the Mega Man Battle Network series of role-playing games.

GutsMan.EXE is bulky and powerful, similar to his orginal counterpart from the classic Mega Man games. His operator, Dex Ogreon, is somewhat like the school bully, but he is far from being bad. He and Lan become good friends due to the fact that they share the same passion for Net battles.



Being a basic carbon copy of his operator, GutsMan tends to move and react slowly. This means that he tends not to make hasty decisions (though he and Dex have a very "Gung-ho" attitude of doing things), but will only act if sufficiently provoked or if a given situation calls for it. Naturally, direct physical attacks usually earn an immediate reaction. In the Japanese version, GutsMan ends the majority of his sentences with "de gatsu" ("guts").

In the anime, GutsMan's dedication to his friends is most well displayed while he and his allies are searching for MegaMan's new body in the wake of PharaohMan.EXE's awakening. Finding themselves trapped in a collapsing cavern, the Navi valiantly saves Roll from falling debris, then allows everyone to escape by holding up the weight of the structure on his own. He does, however, recover following the incident, and remains helpful.

Story Edit

GutsMan.EXE is Dex's NetNavi. He is a super strong Navi that relies on brute force. He likes Roll.EXE and is MegaMan.EXE's rival. GutsMan is a loyal friend and fights side by side with his fellow friends. In the all of the Mega Man Battle Network games (except Mega Man Battle Network 4), he attacks by punching and making shock waves by forming his fists into a massive hammer. In a fight, GutsMan relies entirely on his attack power. Due to his size and strength, he is slow, but when his attacks connect they often are KO's. In the games, he was fightable until Battle Network 5, where he, Roll, and Glyde.EXE were kidnapped. Notably, in the fourth game, he does not use the hammer for shockwaves; he uses it for breaking rocks. He also uses Guts Buster and Guts Punch too.

Alongside his operator, GutsMan used to be a bully of sorts, picking on the Navis of weak children. When Lan Hikari received MegaMan.EXE, however, he was defeated, and the two realized the error of their ways. GutsMan, in particular, has feelings for Roll, and gets very angry when she spends time with MegaMan.

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