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Guile's family consists of himself, his wife Julia, and their daughter, Amy. They made their first appearance in his ending in Street Fighter II telling him that killing Bison wouldn't bring Charlie back. They also told him that if he kills Bison, He would become a murderer.

They also appear in Guile's endings in Street Fighter IV, Capcom Fighting Evolution and SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos.

Julia(ユリア Yuria?), known as Jane in the English Street Fighter II games, Is Guile's wife and Amy's mother. Not only is she Guile's wife and Amy's mother, But, She is also the sister of Ken's wife. She is also the aunt of their son, Mel.

Julia deeply loves Guile and she seeks that he do the right thing with determination. She is also very understanding and lets Guile find Charlie Because she believes that with this, He'll recover from his negative emotions, Despite the pain this causes her.

Amy, known as Chris (クリス Kurisu?) in Japan, Is the only child of Guile and Julia. She is also the niece of Eliza and Ken, Cousin of Mel, and Penpal of Dhalsim's son, Datta. Amy is a gentle girl who dislikes martial arts and often worries about her father due to his job. Although she exchanges mails over her phone, She only corresponds to Datta with letters. She enjoys playing with her cousin, Mel, and to help others. Daily, She takes her dog, Sabu out for a walk (except on cold days).