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Griffon is a character from the Devil May Cry series of action games who appeared as a boss in the first Devil May Cry game.


Griffon is the eldest and most loyal of Mundus' servants. Even though his combat abilities are outdated and rusty and he knows his chances against Dante are slim he is still willing to fight him out of loyalty to Mundus.


Griffon appears as a large, brown raptor-like bird, but it has a hole in its chest, filled with swirling demonic energy, and its exposed skull looks like the skull of several birds fused together. Its size and speed allow it to defeat even the strongest of warriors, and it has the added advantage of flight.


Griffon first appears in the castle garden after Dante acquires the Ifrit gauntlets. Next, he confronts Dante aboard the Ship of Souls. Dante finally fights it for the last time inside the Colosseum. When he is defeated, he begs for Mundus' aid. Mundus responds by mercilessly killing him. In his death, Griffon becomes a sacrifice to the Colosseum, which in turn opens the pathway to the Wheel of Destiny.

Devil May Cry 2[]

While Griffon doesn't appear in either Dante's or Lucia's story modes, he does appear as part of Argosax the Chaos' "blob" form.

Other appearances[]

Devil May Cry 2 novel[]

An alternate universe version of Griffon appears as part of the demon rebellion against Mundus alongside fellow elite demons Shadow, Frost, and Phantom. He can take on the form of his namesake via Devil Trigger. He appears to wear a bird-shaped mask while in human form.


  • According to composer Masami Ueda, the director said to him, "Imagine a tyrannosaurus rex landing," when thinking of a battle theme for Griffon.[citation needed]