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MMX3 Gravity Beetle

Gravity Beetle in Mega Man X3.

Gravity Beetle (Gravity Beetbood in Japanese) is a character from the Mega Man X series. First appearing in Mega Man X3, he is a Maverick based on a Japanese rhinoceros beetle.

He has a brother named Boomer Kuwanger, a stag beetle-based Maverick in the original Mega Man X game. After the death of Kuwanger, Gravity Beetle joined Dr. Doppler's army.


Similar to fighting Wood Man in Mega Man 2, Gravity Beetle will jump on a space as he cannot walk at all. Sometimes, Beetle can throw a Gravity Well to make things difficult. This can be cancelled when Mega Man X shoots him with Ray Splasher. Other Gravity Wells can be annoying to X. Once he's creating a large dead lift, this is very annoying, so X has to use Ray Splasher repeatedly to let Beetle cancel this. If he's close to the wall, X should wall kick and jump over him. Later, Beetle can dash at X, causing bad damage.


  • There's a character similar to Gravity Beetle in Mega Man Zero 2.
  • Gravity Beetle is one of three Mavericks resembling beetles. The others are Boomer Kuwanger (stag beetle), Izzy Glow (firefly) and Ground Scaravich (dung beetle).
  • Gravity Man is one of four Mega Man X3 Mavericks who never appear in the Xtreme series. The others are Blizzard Buffalo, Toxic Seahorse and Crush Crawfish.