Gohma Vlitra

Gohma Vlitra.

Gohma Vlitra is a character from the 3D action beat 'em up game Asura's Wrath. It is one of the main antagonists (and the second final "villain" boss) and the source of all the Gohma. Gohma Viltra was the powerful dark spirit of the planet Gaia, an entity which could easily destroy planets. It fought the Eight Guardian Generals and the Demigod Forces for countless years in a heated battle for Mantra. It is the response of the Demigods' abuse of Mantra.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Being the source of the Gohma, the Gohma Viltra is a powerful entity, and the biggest and most strongest of the Gohma. It can morph its body to take any shape it wants, and also has the ability to control Mantra, being able to fire giant beams of energy with enough force to wipe out entire Shingoku fleets. The Gohma Vlitra is strong enough to hold its own against Asura and Yasha, and resilient enough to survive multiple defeats at the hands of the demigods only to return years later strong than ever.

Story Edit

Pre-Asura's Wrath Edit

Thousands of years before, Gaea (as the planet was then referred to as) was enraged when the souls of mortals were not returning to it once they left their bodies and the cycle of life and death being grossly disrupted. In an attempt to take back the souls that had been converted into Mantra, the Gohma appeared and triggered "The War of Creation" between the Demigods, a perpetual cycle of Gohma Vlitra appearing and subsequently being barely staved off by the Demigods that went on for centuries.

The Eight Guardian Generals, the elite demigod forces, fought the Gohma to free the people of Gaea from its threat. In their most recent battle, The Gohma Vlitra sent out its forces to destroy the demigods, but AsuraWyzenYasha and Augus, the current top members of the Generals, destroyed the evil corrupted forces of the Gohma, and in the end, Gohma Vlitra itself. Yet it was only defeated and not killed, so it would rise up again to continue its rampage.

Asura's Wrath Edit

Shortly after Deus' defeat at the hands of Asura and Yasha, Gohma Vlitra returns yet again, stronger than its ever been before. Hoping to finally end the conflict once and for all Asura and Yasha head to the earth's core to face Gohma Vlitra. Thanks to the help of Asura's daughter Mithra, Asura and Yasha were able to finally defeat the entity and free Gaea of its dark influence. It is later revealed that Gohma Vlitra, along with the rest of the Gohma, were created by Chakravartin, as part of an elaborate test to chose his successor.


  • The name Vlitra comes from the Vritra of Hindu Mythology, a primordial serpent-dragon incarnation of drought and famine that stole the waters of the world and hoarded them for itself. Interestingly, the Vritra in Hindu Myth was also an Asura spirit.
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