Glyde is a character in the MegaMan Legends games.

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Glyde was found by Lex Loath, similar to how MegaMan Volnutt was found by Barrell Caskett. Glyde is second in command in the Loath family and was originally an enemy of the Bonne family in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Similar to how Tron uses Servbots, Glyde uses Birdbots. Glyde is an excellent pilot (his vehicle of choice being the Rafale), but often has bad luck.

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Glyde was the one responsible for capturing Teisel and Bon Bonne and forcing them to pay off their debt to Mr. Loath. Apparently Loath loaned huge amounts of money to many people then made them pay off their debts(and interest on the debts). Those who could not pay were forced to work off their debts. Tiesel's debt to the Loath family was 1,000,000 Zenny. Tron took it upon herself to steal 1,000,000 Zenny and bail her brothers out from Loath's grip. She then learns that she needs 2,000,000 Zenny to bail them out (due to the interest), but Loath tells her that she owes interest on the interest. He then orders Glyde to take her away. After throwing her in a cell, Glyde returns and talks to Loath, who reveals that he has plans to conquer the world.

Tron eventually reunites with her brothers who tell her that Loath is planning on resurrecting the "Colossus", an ancient treasure of the ancients whose power is strong enough to take over the world. The Bonne family eventually escape from their prison, however Glyde returns with his battle robot and engages Tron in battle. Glyde does lose, however the Colossus awakens immediatly afterwards. It appears to be a giant reaverbot. Glyde boards the Colossus with Loath and prepares to attack the Bonnes. After a fierce battle (where the Servbots themselves have to save the day) the Colossus is defeated and Glyde and Loath are turned over to the Gold City Police (where they are the most wanted criminals).


The Birdbots are Glyde's version of the Servbots. The Servbots are faithful to the Bonne family, but the Birdbots have been known to be two-faced toward their master, Glyde.

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