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Gloria is a supporting character from the Devil May Cry series of hack-and-slash action games. She is an alternate form of Trish, and only appears in Devil May Cry 4. Gloria is a member of the Holy Knights (soldiers from the Order of the Sword, a religious order that worships Sparda and fights against demons) and the only known female Executive. She was able to quickly ascend the ranks by bringing Sparda (the sword) along with her, and giving it to the order's leader Sanctus.



Gloria is very flirtatious and sexually teasing.


Gloria has tan skin and a white, chin length bob. Her outfit is a lacy, white one piece with orange accents that exposes her chest and inner thighs. The chest area is held closed by a thick, orange chord zig-zagging across both sides. The one piece has a loin cloth and a long tail. She has white thigh-high, high-heeled boots. She accessorizes this outfit with white, elbow-high gloves that fold at the top exposing an orange lining. It also has blue feathered shoulder pads.


Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi stated that Gloria was meant to be a new sexually appealing who replaces previous heroines from the franchise.[1] Capcom were afraid "not to make her sexuality vulgar in any way" while noticing her design was popular within the fanbase.[2]


When Lady informs Dante and Trish about the actions of the Order of the Sword, Trish takes the Sparda sword, leaves a lipstick message to Dante on the wall and goes outside the shop where she encounters and fights off some demons. With a little help from Lady, she leaves the scene. Trish eventually arrives to the city of Fortuna and joins the Order of the Sword by giving the Sparda sword to the Order's leader Sanctus and helping with the completion of the Savior, all while posing in an alternate form named "Gloria", and is made an Executive of the Holy Knights. Gloria uses this placement to spy on the Holy Knights but because of her looks and the rapid promotion, she enjoyed a somewhat negative reception by the other members of the Order, however, they also recognize her acrobatic and combat skills. Despite the disguise, Sanctus would eventually learn of her true identity.

At some point after this, Gloria meets Nero, who is tasked with finding and capturing Dante, on his way through a supernatural blizzard to Fortuna Castle. After some exposition, the two of them go their separate ways. Gloria is later seen in a meeting where the captain of the Holy Knights Credo informs her, Sanctus and some other members about the current situation of Dante's whereabouts. When the Order's scientist Agnus burst in and informs everyone about Nero's demonic powers, Sanctus gives his request to Credo to apprehend Nero. Credo obliges but questions who shall be responsible for Dante's capture, to which Gloria volunteers for the task. Trish later discards her Gloria disguise after the second battle between Dante and Nero.

While Trish/Gloria is unplayable in the original version of the game (appearing only as a story character), Trish appears playable in the Special Edition version. Her Gloria disguise is playable as well as an alternate costume.


Powers and Abilities[]

Gloria is extremely flexible, she is capable of doing multiple flips and acrobatic moves. Furthermore, she is an excellent fighter, able to take down a few demons on her own.


Gloria wields two small blades, each of which folds in on itself. She appears to keep them tucked in the back of her thigh-high boots when they are not in use.

Other appearances[]

Gloria appear in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and its updated version, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, as a alternative color scheme for Trish. In Ultimate, Gloria is a full-fledged DLC outfit for Trish.

In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Gloria's likeness is one of the alternate costume cosplay for Laura.


  • Her name is taken from "Gloria" ("Glory be to God on high" in Latin), the second part of the Catholic Ordinary of the Mass. It is traditionally sung in Latin.