RE Web Spinner

Web Spinner in the original Resident Evil.

Giant Spiders are enemies from the Resident Evil series of survival horror games.


There have been several spider-based B.O.W.s (Bio Organic Weapons) created as a result of Umbrella's experimentations with the T-Virus. Common characteristics between these creatures are their abnormally large size, and their ability to spit venom.


Web Spinners & Black Tigers Edit

The first were the Web Spinners, born in the Arklay Research Facility (in Resident Evil). These spiders lost their ability to spin webs due to their increase in size. However, they still retain their ability to crawl over walls and ceilings, and will leave behind a swarm of Baby Spiders when killed. The Black Tiger is a type of Web Spinner that has undergone further mutation. It is twice the size of a regular Web Spinner, dark grey in color and has the ability to spin webs.

Giant Spiders Edit

The spider-based B.O.W.s developed in the Umbrella Management Training Facility (in Resident Evil 0) were known as Giant Spiders. They are similar to the Web Spinners. The term Giant Spider is also used for the infected spiders in Raccoon City's sewers that are not B.O.W.s, but were infected by the viral outbreak. These spiders were also seen in the corridors of the St. Michael Clock Tower (in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis) and around the Umbrella experiment facility (in Resident Evil Outbreak).

Black Widows & Giant Black Widows Edit

The Black Widows are B.O.W.s that were developed based on data collected from the Giant Spiders in Raccoon City and, as their name suggests, were developed by implanting the T-Virus into black widow spiders. They were sent to Rockfort Island (in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica) for training purposes. However, one of the Black Widows was transferred to the Antarctic Facility and mutated into the Giant Black Widow as a result of the environment change. Like Web Spinners, the Giant Black Widow will release its offspring upon death.

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