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Gi Gi (ギギ Gigi?) is a fighting game character from the fantasy-themed arcade game Red Earth where it is one of the eight unplayable boss characters.


Gi Gi is a four-armed stone warrior. Originally a statue of Incan design, Gi Gi was brought to life by Scion. Its original intent being a stone guardian, it guards the crypt it was originally found in. In battle, it wields a curved sword in each of its four hands, and can summon various traps to attack enemies.


Attacks and Abilities[]

  • Kitsushizza (キツシッザ?) - Gi Gi stabs with one of its swords.
  • Kyonpyuzza (クョンピュッザ?) - Gi Gi slashes while jumping.
  • Kurugyuru (クルギュル?) - Gi Gi switches modes, either switching into the blue "male face" or red "female face".
  • Zakikukkan (ザキクッカン?) - Gi Gi stabs upwards with all four of its swords.
  • Zahikinkuzza (ザヒキンクッザ?) - Gi Gi slashes in quick succession with two of its swords.
  • Pakusuzza (パクスッザ?) - Gi Gi slashes vertically with one of its swords.
  • Papugado (パプガド?) - Gi Gi conjures a green barrier in front of itself. This move is only used when Gi Gi's female face is active.
  • Hyuchikikkan (ピュチキッカン?) - Gi Gi stabs its swords into the ground as a sigil appears around it, conjuring either three stone pillars, a wave of spears, or carved stone blocks that fall from above.
  • Merichakichaku (メリチャギチャク?) - Gi Gi marches forward while flailing all its swords at once.
  • Runriguzachakku (ルンリグザチャク?) - Gi Gi spins around, slashing its opponent with its swords.