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Gene is a character and the main protagonist of the 3D action comedy beat 'em up God Hand.


He is a twenty-three year old, dusty rambler that ends up stuck with one of the famed Godhands -- with a bunch of nasty demons on his tail.

Though outspoken and a constant complainer, Gene has a keen sense of justice. Unfortunately, this gets him into trouble when he comes to the aid of Olivia only to get his right arm cut off by Bruce, Conchita and Felix and replaced with one of the fabled Godhands. He likes to imagine he has a gentle, kinder side despite his rough, macho exterior.

In the end, he slays the demon Angra by taking control of both Godhands.


In addition to his special abilities, Gene is able to attack enemies by picking up and striking them with a number of environmental objects or weapons such as crates, pots, barrels, steel pipes, spiked clubs, katanas and even a rocket launcher. Gene can also find fruit to recover his health, such as a cherry (recovers 20% health) a banana (50% health) or a strawberry (full health). These items are common images found on slot machines that tie into the theme of gambling.


When Gene's tension gauge is full (turns gold), pressing R2 will unleash his Godhand. He will gain invincibility and his attacks become godly fast and unblockable. This ends when the tension gauge is (almost) depleted. It is impossible to stop it as the player pleases.


Roulettes are performed by pressing R1 (at least one roulette orb is required). This slows down time and a list of roulette moves will appear. The player have to press R1 repeatedly to shuffle through them and press X to select. The player is only given a short time to select the desired move. If an enemy hits Gene before the move is selected, the player is knocked out of the roulette.

Yellow-colored moves use up 1 orb, blue costs 2 and red costs 3. The order of the moves that show up on the menu is random. Sometimes, it may also include unwanted moves and selecting them may or not cost an orb.

The game begins with 6 roulettes ready for use. More can be purchased at the shop as the player progresses into the game or some can be obtained for free by rescuing villagers.

The number of orbs can also be increased by buying a Golden Plate from the shop. Gene starts with 3 orbs on Easy and 2 on Normal and Hard. Players can refill their orbs by picking up cards from breakable objects or fallen enemies.

Roulette Techniques[]

  • 100 Fists: Gene relentlessly assaults the opponent with a long flurry of rapid-fire punches with the God Hand, finishing with a punch that sends them flying. Consumes 2 orbs.
  • Ball Buster: Gene delivers a back heel kick to the opponent's groin (complete with a bell sound typical of Japanese comedy, and a laugh track), causing them to double over in pain. Impractically, female enemies are immune to the technique (as is Mr. Silver, notably). Consumes 1 orb.
  • Chain Yanker: Gene uses the power of the God Hand to pull the opponent closer, then deliver a punch hard enough to stun them. Consumes 1 orb.
  • Crescent Kick: Gene performs a jumping spinning double kick, finishing with a forward kick that sends the opponent against the nearest wall. Consumes 2 orbs.
  • Daisy Cutter: Gene sweeps up the opponent with a sliding low punch, then uses the God Hand to make them explode like fireworks. Consumes 1 orb.
  • Discombobulator: Gene jumps and delivers a series of rapid-fire flying kicks to the opponent's chest, sending them backwards on the final kick. Consumes 1 orb.
  • Divine Smash: Gene charges forward and delivers a powerful punch with the God Hand, throwing back all enemies he is engaging. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Divine Smash 2: Gene performs the move with a burning charge. Consumes 1 orb.
  • Dragon Kick: Gene performs a kick powerful enough to send the opponent flying into oblivion. Consumes 2 orbs.
  • Face Runner: Gene strikes his opponent with bicycle kicks, finishing with a strong kick that sends them to the other end of the room. Consumes 1 orb.
  • God Charge: Gene simply liberates a burst of his God Hand's power, recharging his level bar a bit. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Spirit of God: Gene unleashes the power of the God Hand, recharging even more of his level bar. Consumes 2 orbs.
  • God Stomp: Gene slams the opponent into the ground with an axe kick, following with three powerful stomps. Consumes 1 orb.
    • God Stomp 2: Every stomp causes a localized explosion. Consumes 1 orb.
  • Head Slicer: Gene severs the opponent's head with his God Hand. Consumes 1 orb. Does not appear in the Japanese version of the game.
  • Home Run God: Gene summons a baseball bat, with which he bats the opponent into the sky. Consumes 2 orbs.
  • Kung Fu Samba: Gene does a jumping split kick, followed by a cartwheel kick, finishing with a God Hand punch. Consumes 1 orb.
  • Kung Fu Tango: Gene delivers four circular punches, finishing with a palm strike that sends the opponent to the wall behind. Consumes 1 orb.
  • La Bomba: Gene punches the ground with the God Hand, causing an earthquake that launches nearby enemies. Consumes 1 orb.
    • La Bomba 2: The punch is now flaming, and even more powerful. Consumes 2 orbs.
  • One Inch Punch: Gene places his God Hand next to the opponent, then delivers a devastating punch at point-blank range. Consumes 1 orb.
  • Shaolin Blast: Gene concentrates, then shoots a large fireball from the God Hand, blowing back all engaged enemies. Consumes 3 orbs.
    • Double Shaolin: Gene releases a massive fireball from both hands. Consumes 3 orbs. Only available for the final battle against Angra, when Gene is now in possession of both God Hands.
  • Shockwave: Gene sends out a blade-like energy wave with the God Hand, knocking down any foes on its path. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Shockwave 2: Gene sends out three blade-like waves, widening the move's reach. Consumes 1 orb.
  • Typhoon Kick: Gene delivers an aerial spinning kick, surrounding himself in a typhoon and blowing back all opponents around him. Consumes 1 orb.
  • Wild Pitch: Gene throws an energy orb, which blows up enemies, like a baseball pitcher. Consumes 2 orbs.
  • Zen Revival: Gene stops to meditate, recovering some of his health. Consumes 2 orbs.
    • Enlightenment: Gene meditates and recovers his full energy. Consumes 3 orbs.
  • Grovel: Gene simply kneels on the ground and asks for forgiveness. This causes nearby enemies to laugh at him and sends his level gauge back to 1, thereby reducing the game's difficulty (this, however, has no effect when playing on Hard, since the gauge never lowers from Level DIE). Unlike all other moves, Grovel does not consume any orbs.
  • Dead Pan: Causes a wash tub to appear from out of nowhere and fall on Gene's head, giving him light damage but a short period of invincibility as a tradeoff. Consumes no orbs. Does not appear outside of the Japanese version, due to the tub to the head being a Japanese comedy trope with no Western equivalent.


  • His strongest move is the "Invincible Fist".
  • Gene seems to be a parody of Kenshiro from the Fist of the North Star manga and anime series, even though he and God Hand were not inspired by the character or the series.[2]



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