The Garrador (which means "Clawer" in Spanish) are enemies from the Resident Evil series. They are enemies in Resident Evil 4.

Description[edit | edit source]

They are Plaga-infested warriors who wear equipment resembling that worn by gladiators and appear in certain areas of Ramon Salazar's castle.

The Garrador are equipped with large claws on each hand, which can be extended and retracted at will. The Garrador are particularly brutal, and will indiscriminately attack anything in its path and are usually kept under restraint.

Garradors are completely blind. They rely on their sense of hearing to track down intruders, and are easily distracted by loud noises. Walking slowly will prevent a Garrador from hearing its target, as long as it is done at a safe distance, as a Garrador is able to hear its target regardless of movement when in close proximity. Garradors will become enraged when very loud noises are made (such as by bells) and are prone to charging in the direction of the noise and striking at its source, often resulting in one of their claws being temporarily embedded in a wall or other object.

A Garrador's weak spot is the exposed Plaga parasite on its back, which is vulnerable to gunfire. Some Garradors wear extensive armor, encasing all of their torso, excluding their back.

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