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Freki and Geri.

Freki and Geri are characters from the Devil May Cry action game series. They are enemies who appear in Devil May Cry 2 and serve under one of the game's bosses, Bolverk.


Freki and Geri are two all-white, wolf-like demons that serve Bolverk. They may be reincarnated figures of warriors whom Bolverk fought alongside. They are larger than any normal wolf, being nearly as tall as a man. The chains they wear around their necks and bodies do not seem to hinder their attacks, as they are capable of jumping long distances and with great ferocity, knocking aside anything in their path.


They first confront Dante in Mission 5, and return to assist Bolverk in his battles against Dante in Mission 11 and Mission 16.


  • Freki and Geri's names and designs are based off the Freki and Geri of Norse Myth.