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Everblue 2 is a scuba diving adventure game developed by Arika and published by Capcom. It is the second title in the Everblue series. It was released for the PlayStion 2 in August 2002 in Japan, February 2003 in North America and March 2003 in Europe. Everblue 2 has been followed by a spiritual sequel, Endless Ocean, for the Nintendo Wii console.


As Leo, the game's only playable character, the player earns money by finding precious materials with their metal, glass, wood, clay, and stone sonars, and looting artifacts from shipwrecks. This money can be used to buy equipment allowing a player access to deeper and more challenging dives. Over time the player unlocks dive sites such as a sunken freighter, a downed airplane, a pirate ship, a sunken luxury liner, a submarine and an undersea temple.


Leo is a diver who sails through a fictional treacherous Caribbean sea with his friends. Their ship sinks in a huge storm and they swim to a nearby island. There, they meet a group of scuba divers called The Amigos. While on the island, Leo and the Amigos discover that a nefarious aquatic salvaging company named SeaDross is searching for an ancient pirate treasure called Erebos. Leo and his friends race against time to locate the Erebos, diving to several underwater locations including: a sunken Ferry, a crashed 747, an old cruise ship, a pirate Galleon and an ancient underwater city called Telospolis.

The search is cut short when it is discovered that SeaDross has discovered Erebos in Telospolis, however, they failed to realize the malevolent powers contained within the relic causing their submarine (and Erebos) to sink to the ocean depths. At this point the ocean begins to turn stormy as the power of Erebos runs out of control. Leo eventually ventures to the sunken submarine to recover the Erebos and is successful in returning it to Telospolis, calming the oceans. Leo returns to the island as a hero, but his adventures as a diver may just be starting.


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