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Enrico Marini

Enrico Marini is a character from the Resident Evil series of survival horror games.

Enrico was Bravo Team's mission leader and second-in-command of S.T.A.R.S. under Albert Wesker. He was a veteran soldier and skilled in various survival techniques. He played a supporting role in both Resident Evil and its prequel, Resident Evil 0. He is also one of nine playable characters in Deadly Silence.


Resident Evil[]

The player will find a wounded Enrico in the underground tunnels. Enrico reveals the existence of a traitor within the S.T.A.R.S. unit, but before he can share his knowledge with the player, he is shot and killed by an unseen assailant which is later revealed to be Wesker. In the remake, Enrico discovers that a member of the S.T.A.R.S. unit is a traitor, but is only able to ascertain that the member responsible is either Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield or Barry Burton.

Upon meeting Jill Valentine, Enrico informs her of the situation before being shot dead. In Chris Redfield's scenario, Enrico holds him at gunpoint, leading Chris to think that Enrico believes him to be the traitor, but then Enrico is shot dead by the real traitor who is behind Chris, revealing that Enrico was pointing his gun at him and not Chris.

Chris also ended up disturbed at Enrico's hint that there was a mole on the Alpha Team.

Resident Evil 0[]

Enrico's role is expanded in Resident Evil 0, in which he and his Bravo Team are sent to the Arklay Mountains to investigate a series of homicides in the region one day prior to the events of the first game. His surveillance of the area leads to the wreckage of a military police van, along with the mangled corpses of two officers and a document identifying a prisoner, Billy Coen. Enrico deduces that Billy is responsible for the deaths of the officers and leads a manhunt against the escaped convict.

Throughout the game he communicates with protagonist Rebecca Chambers via the radio, and catches up with her in the underground Umbrella laboratory outside of Raccoon City. He tells Rebecca that the rest of Bravo Team is at an Arklay Research Facility and that Rebecca should follow him. Rebecca, however, tells him she is looking for Billy Coen, whom was seperated from her.

Enrico informed her that the rest of Bravo team rendezvoused at an abandoned mansion. Enrico asked Rebecca to follow him to the mansion to join up with the rest of the team. Rebecca, however, refused, telling him she had found, but lost Coen, and assured him that she would be safe.

Due to Bravo Team's separation, he orders his team to rendezvous at a mansion, leading to the events in Resident Evil.