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Elvis is a character from the 3D action comedy beat 'em up game God Hand where he is one of the bosses.


Elvis uses smoke from his cigar to blind his enemies in battle and breath fire. In Elvis' demon form, his retractable head can be pounded by Gene into the former's body when the latter performs the "Pummel" action command.


Elvis appears in "human" form as a fat, yet heavily muscled Mexican/Cuban man in a poor fitting white vest and pants, with a giant set of purple Buddhist prayer beads around his neck. His demon form is giant and purple/red, with a chomping face on its belly, mouths for hands that shoot fire and a retractable head.


Possessing amazing strength and a huge appetite, Elvis likes to chase the ladies when he's not kicking butt, particularly Shannon. Elvis has some nasty habits; he uses very crude language, constantly cursing in Spanish (he usually refers to Gene as cabrón or huevón), and is relentlessly and constantly chewing on an enormous cigar.

Elvis considers Gene a worthy opponent. Gene even says (after killing him) that they could have been friends if the occasion was different.


  • Elvis' prayer beads may be a reference to Akuma of Street Fighter fame. He also releases purple flames from various attacks, similar to the Street Fighter attacks Hadoken and Shoryuken.
  • He is voiced by Jamieson Price.