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Not to be confused with Street Fighter character Eliza Masters.

Eliza (エリザ Eriza?) is a character from the Final Fight series. She first appeared in Final Fight 2 as one of the minor enemy characters who face the player characters.



Eliza wears a pair of blue jean shorts and a red tank top. She also wears boots that almost entirely cover her legs.

Just like what happened with Poison and Roxy in the original Final Fight game, Eliza and Mary were replaced by male characters called Leon and Robert (black and orange attire in the case of Leon, clothes with white and violet blue colors in the case of Robert) in the first versions of the game released worldwide.[2] In the series Robert (ロバート Robāto?) is her twin brother.[1]


Eliza is a lowbrow person prone to pursue new fads. One time she tried to be a band vocalist, but soon got bored and quit.[1]

Fighting style[]

Eliza is an agile fighter skilled with using a knife to quickly finish her opponents, her irregular knife attacks being difficult to avoid.


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