Elias (エリアス Eriasu?) is a non-playable enemy from the Final Fight series making his first appearance in Final Fight 2. He is one of the minor enemies that the hero faces. He has to pallate swaps named Eliot and Joe.


Elias is a man of few words that likes to read and has extensive knowledge. He also likes jinxes and lucky items. He is good at fortune-telling and often gets it right which is something that annoys his friends. He's good with astrology and housework and wound rather be indoors. He has a distinctive laugh that never leaves ears once heard.


Elias is tall and lanky who wears sneakers, a vest, khakis, a black tube top, a beanie, and wristbands. He also wields a baton.


Although Elias is fast, He isn't that aggressive. He attacks using either high kicks or his baton

Elias FFII sprite

His sprite in FFII

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