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Eleven (イレヴン Irevun?) is a character from the Street Fighter. It first appears in Urien's character story in Street Fighter V. Eleven is an early prototype of Twelve.

Through the fifth DLC season, Eleven becomes part of the Street Fighter V roster. Prior to the first round, it randomly morphs into one of the characters, letting the player to battle with the newly transformed character; with a preset V-Skill and V-Trigger.



While Eleven can theoretically take on virtually any form, Eleven's default appearance is a milky-white semisolid male humanoid. His body is generally smooth and featureless. A "V" shaped structure is present atop Eleven's head. Unlike his successor, Eleven has no will, blindly following orders given to it.[1]


Street Fighter V[]

Eleven is an earlier prototype of Twelve created by the Secret Society's Dr. Woo, produced by reforming plants rather than animals.[1] Urien has Eleven transform into a copy of himself to test its abilities, and causes heavy damage to it. Not satisfied, Urien tells Dr. Woo to improve it. It is later re-purposed by Kolin as raw material to resurrect Charlie Nash.


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  • Eleven is the first canon and completely mimic character in the Street Fighter series.
    • Though Twelve is technically the first, it only mimics the fighters through a Super Art in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.
    • Ace from Street Fighter EX3 also mimics the moves of fighters thus making him the second character in the series but non-canonical in the mainline series to do so with Eleven being the third.
  • Eleven is also similar to several other mimic fighting game characters, like Mokujin from Bandai Namco’s series, Tekken.


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