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El Stingray (El Stinger in Japan) is a character from Slam Masters series of wrestling games.


El Stingray is a diminutive masked wrestler whose speed is unparalleled. He's proud of his midair assault techniques and feels the most alive while performing aerial attacks before an audience. El Stingray is involved in an almost constant rivalry with The Great Oni, who uses a similar flashy wrestling style.


  • Street Fighter character El Fuerte is possibly based on El Stingray.
    • Additionally, according to the Japanese Street Fighter V column, El Fuerte was brought up in the ways of Lucha by El Stingray's teacher, Meteorito Jr.[1]
  • Some people think that El Stingray is based on Mexican wrestler Blue Demon. He is also very similar to El Volador ("The Flyer"), a very small Mexican wrestler well known for his impressive aerial attacks. His nickname appears to be a play-off of popular WCW and TNA star Sting. The mask and costume he wears to the ring are also similar to the appearance of The Blue Blazer. However, this character seems to be based on a Mexican wrestler named Lizmark. Lizmark's and Stingray's profile match almost in everything, even down to the colors and design of the suit.
    • His mask, long hair, and color scheme may indicate a possible nod to the Pegasus Kid, Chris Benoit's masked persona that he would have been known by in Mexico and Japan during the development of Saturday Night Slam Masters. His special moves involving aerial head attacks (one of Pegasus Kid's finishers being the flying headbutt) would further point to this.
  • Due to space constraints in some points of the game such as the select screen, his name is shortened to "Stingr".
  • His favorite attack is called the Jalapeño Comet.