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Eddie as he appears in Mega Man 4.

Eddie (エディ, Edi?), also known as Eddy or Flip-Top, is a support character featured in the classic Mega Man series of platformer games, debuting in Mega Man 4 and continuing right up until the latest game.


Eddie is a small robotic companion who was developed by Dr. Light to transport items to Mega Man while in battle. He carries the items inside his own head, making him something of a walking suitcase. Eddie is incomplete because he was in the middle of development when Dr. Cossack commenced his world domination plan, and as a result, Eddie cannot select which item he takes. Nevertheless, this impediment has not stopped him from being an asset to Mega Man's battles against Dr. Wily. In Mega Man 8, Eddie was able to fly via a jet pack and toss out bombs. Eddie is good at carrying things, but poor at keeping things in order. He likes lottery drawings and dislikes waste.

In Mega Man 9, Eddie can be bought from Roll's item shop. When he is used, he will teleport in and drop many healing items for Mega Man to pick up.

Other appearances[]


  • While Eddie is always red in the games, in the Ruby-Spears cartoon, he is green. He also supplies Mega Man with Energy Tanks when he needs them.