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Drain Deimos

Drain Deimos are are enemies from the Resident Evil series. It is a type of B.O.W. featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


These six-legged beasts are actually mutant fleas that ate the flesh of infected animals, causing the T-Virus to make them increase in size and strength. Their appearance is particularly grotesque as their Exoskeletons are torn in places and their muscles are exposed, due to their quick and rapid T-Virus induced growth. Drain Deimos get their nutrition from the brain fluid of humans. They stick their fangs into the head of the victim, and suck the fluid out. Generally, they stay in places that are dark and damp. They can crawl up walls and onto ceilings, and are able to leap great distances.

Two shots with a shotgun or a single grenade will take them out. The player usually encounters them in pairs, but fortunately there is often an exploding red box nearby. Use the appropriate button to target the box. The resulting explosion will take out one or both of them.

Other appearances

They also appeared in Resident Evil Survivor 2 - Code: Veronica.


  • Like many other T-Viral creatures in the Resident Evil series, the Drain Deimos takes its name from mythology, in this case Deimos, the Greek personification of dread.