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Debilitas is the castle's gardener and handyman in the survival horror game Haunting Ground.

Upon encountering Fiona Belli walking in the castle, he is compelled to chase after her. Despite his hulking size and massive strength, he has the mental capacity of a young child. He can only seem to understand simple language and is only heard speaking short, garbled phrases ("My dolly", "Where is you!" and the rarely-heard "My little poogly pie!"). He plays with dolls, and believes that Fiona is also a big doll.

His origins are unclear, but he may be one of Riccardo's failed "creations"; when Fiona enters the medical room whilst being chased by Riccardo or Daniella, an image of a large and muscular person is shown (possibly a diagram of Debilitas). He is easily outwitted by Fiona, but persistent and powerful.

Debilitas harasses Fiona and Hewie for quite a while until all three of them enter the Chapel, after which Fiona is forced to fight him. The battle has two outcomes; Fiona can either drop a large chandelier on top of him, or can wear his health down.

Other Appearances Edit

Debilitas, along with Fiona and Hewie, is featured in Joe the Condor's ending in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.