Death (デス Desu?), real name Avel (アヴェル?), is a fighting game character who was originally supposed to appear in the canceled crossover fighting game Capcom Fighting All-Stars as the antagonist and one of the four original characters.

Story[edit | edit source]

Death is a Code Holder who has planted a bomb, dubbed Laughing Sun, within Metro City. Mike Haggar contacts the other three Code Holders, D.D., Rook and Ingrid, to come in and defuse the bomb. He apparently has a deep and strange relationship with Ingrid,[1] what this is was never revealed, however they both share the same silver colored hair and both are natural and original Code Holders since their birth.[2][3] Also, while Ingrid has longevity, Death has a shorter life span,[4] and his body strambles due to his small time. He has the capacity of manipulating Dark Matter and use at his favor.

Death's atomic bomb time limit in Metro City is connected with the time before his perish and alongside that, the reason of why Death wanted to bring that chaos is to gain Ingrid's attention, since he somewat wants to stay with her in his final moments.[5]

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