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Darkwing Duck is a 2D platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992. Based on the Disney cartoon of the same name, it was ported to the Game Boy the following year.

The game was re-released in 2017 as part of the Disney Afternoon Collection.


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From the Manual[]

"It's crime time and Darkwing Duck is on the case. The webbed wonder must leap through the streets of St. Canard and blast the bad guys with noxious knockout gas. Help him track down the lair of F.O.W.L.'s fiendish agents and prepare for Darkwing's greatest challenge ever.

There is no stopping Darkwing once he is on the trail, but F.O.W.L. plans to try! The heart in the upper left corner of the screen is a health meter and it shows Darkwing Duck's strength. Each time Darkwing gets hit by one of F.O.W.L.'s agents, he will lose one quarter of the health meter. When all four quarters of the heart are gone, Darkwing will lose a chance and he will have to start his search again.

If Darkwing is lucky enough to track down the lair of an arch-villain, he must try to blast him with his gas gun. It will take many shots of gas before Darkwing can capture him. Once the agent has been captured, Darkwing can begin his search for the next vile villain".


Like other NES Disney-licensed titles, this game lacks a credits sequence for the game's staff. Music composition is confirmed to be done by Yasuaki Fujita through his worklist.


  • While Darkwing Duck was released in North America in June 1992 and Europe on December 9, 1993,[1] the game was not intended for release in Japan. According to music composer Yasuaki Fujita,[citation needed] the animated series was not very popular in Japan; the game was mainly produced for the European video game market.

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