Dark Talbain (Dark Gallon in Japan) is the evil version of Jon Talbain in the Darkstalkers series.


His evil side appears as a boss/secret character in Vampire Savior; he is a pallete swap version of Talbain (only difference is the color the character sprite has a glowing effect, like how Dee's Dhylec sword) and his moves are the same as the second game. His story is somewhat unknown, but it is tied to Talbain. His sprite is also somewhat different than Talbain.


  • Dark Talbain only appears in Vampire Savior and Vampire Hunter 2.
  • His winning theme is heard in The Chaos Tower BGM section, but he's not playable in the game. It is unknown if he was removed or not.
  • Shadow is encountered by Dark Talbain. It is unknown whether or not Shadow has something to do with Dark Talbain.
  • His other name is for unknown reasons Original Talbain.
  • Dark Talbain has only two color costume.


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