Daniella is character featured in the horror game Haunting Ground.

Profile Edit

She is the cook and does the household work around the castle. She appears to be around her late twenties and is stunningly beautiful, but her movements are machine-like and her behavior is unnerving. She is eventually revealed to be a homunculus, a man-made human.

Initially, Daniella seems unemotional, but to Fiona Belli's despair, she notices that she's prone to erratic mood swings and maniacal laughter. Daniella appears to have dissociative identity disorder, alternating between intentions of murder to ignoring Fiona altogether in order to clean parts of the mansion. Despite her beauty, she hates looking at herself in the mirror, and will start shrieking at the sight of her reflection.

Daniella chases after Fiona out of jealousy that Fiona can bear children and possess the Azoth, which Daniella believes will make herself human and "complete". Out of all the stalkers, she is one of the physically the fastest (only matched by young and somewhat ironically old crawling Lorenzo) and the hardest to outrun (disregarding the limited amount of evasion points), she is also the cruelest; she attacks Fiona with either a hot fire poker or a broken piece of glass, and if she can't find Fiona, she has a tendency to attack Fiona's dog Hewie.

Demise Edit

Her end comes when Fiona and Hewie enter a domed area, and face her in a boss fight. A mirror is revealed beneath her and, at the sight of her reflection, she screams at such a high pitch that the glass above her shatters, bringing a huge shard down upon her, slicing through her abdominal area. With the last of her energy, she smiles, suggesting either that she wanted to die and got her wish, or that she experienced pain for the first time, and felt that it was close enough to emotion to make her happy before she died.

Alternate fateEdit

If Fiona has the gate key and has beaten the game at least once and gets the Dona Nobis Pacem ending, Daniella does not die.

Trivia Edit

  • A current point of debate is if Fiona is part of the Belli family herself, as she believes she was "created" by Lorenzo. Supplementary Haunting Ground lore has the suggestion that Daniella wasn't created but rather she was a real woman who was either brainwashed, or willingly succumbed to the effects of the Azoth.


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