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Dandy is a character and enemy from the mystery game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.


Dandy is one of the two foreigners (the other being Beauty) meant to meet up with Yomiel at the Chicken Kitchen restaurant at 10 am with the kidnapped Amelie. He is smitten by Beauty and seems to enjoy being verbally abused by her. Unfortunately, his feelings are unreciprocated, though Beauty seems perfectly fine about continuing to insult him.

For most of the game he drags Kamila around in a huge red suitcase, having mistakenly kidnapped the purple-haired girl in place of Amelie.


Dandy and Beauty was going to to meet up with Yomiel at Chicken Kitchen at 10 am with the kidnapped Amelie. Instead, they captured Kamila by mistake and Yomiel did not show up. So they moved to the next place, Kamila's old house to wait for him. The kidnapping was to make sure the Justice Minister did not retract his order for Jowd's execution and speed it up instead.

In the new timeline (the third one where the events were undone), Beauty and Dandy were seen breaking into a safe above Chicken Kitchen with gunpowder. The attempt failed because Dandy read the instructions for twenty kilograms of gunpowder instead of twenty grams and the safe room exploded. The floor gave way and the safe dropped all the money onto Sausagehead down below in Chicken Kitchen instead, with no sign of either Dandy or Beauty left, hinting that they both most likely died from the explosion.