This is about the employee at Capcom. For the Street Fighter character, see here.

Dan Louie is a member of Capcom USA who serves as their new Social Media & Community Specialist, and is in charge of information related to Street Fighter in Capcom-Unity.[1]


Dan have been a gamer since the age of three, and has worked in the gaming industry for over ten years across several different jobs.[1] An avid Street Fighter player, he has been playing the series since the 90s to present day and have participated in various tournaments throughout the years.[1] He is also a fan of other Capcom series such as Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney and Mega Man. Other than fighting games, Dan also play FPS games like Overwatch and mobile card games like Shadowverse and Teppen.

In January 2020 he joined Capcom USA as their new Social Media & Community Specialist and is currently retired from the competitive gaming community due to this position.



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