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Group shot of some of the protagonists in Project × Zone.

Bandai Namco Games' X (pronounced Cross, as in a crossover) series refers to the crossover games developed by either Namco or another game company (such as Capcom).

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The Cross series begun with the development of Namco × Capcom; Monolith Soft, then a subsidiary of Namco consisting of former Square employees, was in charge of the game. Development started in 2003, and was initially proposed by Monolith Soft as an internal crossover of Namco characters for the company's 50th anniversary.[1] This led to a roster of around 100 characters, but the team wanted a larger roster.[2] To achieve this and create a "more exciting" experience, Namco reached out to Capcom to collaborate on the project. Capcom agreed, breaking the accepted reality of the time for large rival companies not to cooperate on a project.[1][2] The game was Capcom's second major collaboration with another publisher following the SNK vs. Capcom series.[3]

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