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Cinnamon is a character from the Mega Man X series. She first appear in Mega Man X: Command Mission. Her starting weapon is the Angels Hand.


Created by Prof. Gaudile, Cinnamon is young, timid and innocent...which Gaudile hoped would prove the perfect disguise for the powerful Force Metal Generator contained within her body. His precautions failed, however, as both the thief Marino and the Rebellion's Dr. Psyche came looking for her. But Cinnamon quickly befriended the thief, and witnessing X and Marino's fight against Psyche encouraged her to join the Resistance, and her conviction won over the reluctant Gaudile as well.


Cinnamon's strengths lie more in her healing skill and support effects. Most of her Weapons are designed to inflict added effects like Virus and Berserk, or lower the target's attributes. Her default Energy Field briefly supplies the party with extra Weapon Energy, a valuable ability in a pinch. Her low strength is also counterbalanced by her high defense against Elements; she only takes 50% damage from any Elemental attack.

Once her Action Trigger, Angelic Aide, is activated, the player must rotate the secondary joystick. This will cause hearts to inflate on the screen, with each complete heart restoring 10% of the party's maximum Life Energy. She starts with only the ability to restore 20%, but as time progresses, more hearts become available, increasing her healing ability.

Hyper Mode[]

Cinnamon becomes Iron Maiden in her Hyper Mode, trading in her angelic form for a slightly more sinister-looking one. She gets a 50% boost to her LE and Power, and her active teammates get an added 25% to their Weapon Energy gain rate.


  • The Cinnamon Reploid appearing in Rockman Online is not the actual Cinnamon from the events of Mega Man X: Command Mission, but a government-engineered copy made to combat a Maverick epidemic long after the events of the X series.