Cindy Lennox

Cindy Lennox is a character from the Resident Evil series of survival horror games. She is a playable character in the spin-off games Resident Evil Outbreak and Outbreak: File 2.

Biography Edit

Cindy is the most popular waitress at J's Bar, due to her irrestibly bright smile and cheerful disposition. She's helpful, and always thinks of other people first. Being accustomed to the harsh realities of society, she never loses her cool - even in extreme situations.

Personality Edit

Cindy tends to get along with everyone, even though Jim Chapman and Alyssa Ashcroft's constant whining may grate on her at times. Kevin seems to go to the J's Bar often, and the two seem to get along quite well despite his failed attempts at flirting. For some reason, she doesn't get along well with David King and vice-versa.

Her Special Items and reactions to situations portray Cindy as unapologetically girly and nice, fond of collecting stuffed animals, buying clothes, trying new beauty treatments, and gardening.

Appearance Edit

During the Outbreak, Cindy wears her J's Bar uniform, consisting of a blue and white striped shirt with a blue low-cut vest and a medium length black skirt with black high-heels.

Cindy, like Alyssa, has four unlockable Alternate Outfits: "On Vacation" and "Funny Bunny" from Outbreak, and "Nightlife" and "Coquette" from File 2.

To unlock and purchase three of these costumes, special items which are scattered throughout various scenarios at varying difficulty levels in both games must be found. To unlock "Coquette", players must first clear Elimination 2.

"On Vacation" Alternate Outfit:

Light Blue Shirt Below Freezing Point - E/N
Cool Sunglasses Below Freezing Point - E/N
Sandals The Hive - E/N
White Pants Decisions, Decisions - H/VH

"Funny Bunny" Alternate Outfit:

Bunny Cuffs Outbreak - H/VH
Bunny Bow Tie Below Freezing Point - H/VH
Sexy Lipstick The Hive - E/N
Fishnet Tights The Hive - H/VH
Bunny Ears Hellfire - E
High Heels Hellfire - H
Bunny Costume Decisions, Decisions - E/N

"Nightlife" Alternate Outfit:

Short Boots Wild Things - VH
Leather Belt Underbelly - VH
Tight Jacket Flashback - E
"Biker Gals" Desperate Times - H
Leather Pants End of the Road - N


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Personal Items Edit

  • Herb Case - (Outbreak and Outbreak: File # 2) - Cindy can store each of the numerous recovery herbs in this handy case. The case comes loaded with two Red Herbs, two Green Herbs and two Blue Herbs. This container holds a maximum of three of each type, and also has an empty space which can hold one mixed herb item of any combination. The herbs can be mixed together as long as there is an open slot remaining in the case. The Herb Case also contains four extra item slots, but these are only for herbs. When collecting herbs from the environment and provided there is an empty slot for them, these found herbs can be stored in the case straight away. With the "Aid" command, Cindy can also treat other characters with the Herb Case. In File#2, Cindy could also "aid" injured characters while shouldering them.
  • Bandage - (Outbreak: File # 2 only) - Possession of this item prevents the owner from suffering Bleeding status after an enemy attack. Additionally, whoever has the Bandage in their inventory while carrying someone suffering from Bleeding status will cure the one afflicted.

Special Actions Edit

  • Duck - Holding R1 and pressing O when an enemy is about to attack causes Cindy to duck under an enemy's reach or avoid claw swings or bites. Rather than sticking around to fight, the player would be wise to use the opportunity to run away. In File#2, this action was improved, allowing Cindy to duck while shouldering an injured character. Ducking while assisting a character will cause Cindy and the character to duck, though she will let go of that character after ducking.

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