A Chimera is a enemy from the Resident Evil series.

Description[edit | edit source]

It is a B.O.W. that was created by inserting fly DNA and the T-Virus into human tissue in Resident Evil and its 2002 remake.

Chimeras were being manufactured inside the Arklay Research Facility's basement lab, and adopted that section of the facility as their habitat during the Mansion incident. Aside from their fly-like appearance, the Chimeras' most notable characteristic is their ability to walk over walls and ceilings. They usually use the air ducts to travel from one part of the lab to the other, and attack with their claw-like limbs. The chimera is a formidable opponent, perhaps even deadlier than the Hunter.

The chimera was the only other artificially produced B.O.W., besides the Hunters and Tyrants, that was created through genetic manipulation. Unlike those two breeds, research on the Chimeras never went any further than the experimental models in the Arklay facility, as they were deemed a failure. Their wings were too small to allow them to fly, and they lacked a fully developed exoskeleton. Even though they showed signs of notable resilience, their intelligence was little more than that of an insect and mass production was never considered. These creatures dissect other living things, as mentioned in a file from the Resident Evil remake.

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