Chief R and OM8

Chief R is character from the Mega Man X series. He appeared in Mega Man X: Command Mission where he is the leader of the Resistence Movement on Gigantis Island.

Profile Edit

Chief R was held captive by Wild Jango in Central Tower when X first arrived in Giga City. After he was freed, he resumed command of Central Tower and instructed X personally on the fight against the Rebellion Forces. Judging from his rank, Chief R was most likely an established member of the government sent by the Federation to Gigantis Island, perhaps something like a Viceroy or assistant to thereof.

Chief R possesses a very calm, reserved personality, but is also decisive and prudent, evident when he instructs X to rescue Nana and the captives of Tianna Camp as first order of business after control over Central Tower is re-established. He also appears to be a strategist and is very knowledgeable of the surroundings of the island. Due to his lifetime career at Giga City, Chief R is very familiar with the location and its residents.

OM8 Edit

The parrot on Chief R's shoulder is a mechaniloid, and he seemingly goes nowhere without it. The parrot, OM8, is shown in concept art with a monitor on its belly, presumably for transmission purposes.


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