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This article is about the Devil May Cry character. For the Resident Evil enemy, see here.

Cerberus from Devil May Cry 3

Cerberus is a character and boss from the Devil May Cry series of action games. He is the three-headed feral gatekeeper in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.


Said to have the power to control ice. He grants power to those worthy of it. Those unworthy, meet their doom by his giant fangs. The guardian to the entrance of Temen-ni-Gru.

When defeated, Cerberus turns into a nunchaku with three rods that hold power over ice.


When Dante first enters the Temen-ni-gru, he finds Cerberus at the entrance in the Ice Guardian's Chamber. Cerberus demands he leave, and then attacks when Dante mocks him. After being defeated, Cerberus willingly relinquishes his soul to Dante as a Devil Arm.


  • The cutscene following Cerberus' defeat will change slightly depending on which head is the last to be defeated. The dialogue however, will remain the same.
  • In early footage of the game or the DMC3 promo video, Cerberus' eyes are completely solid white.
  • Cerberus along with the other gatekeepers of the Temen-ni-gru each represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins respectively. Cereberus himself represents the Sin of Gluttony.