Captain Blue as seen in Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble.

Captain Blue is a character from the Viewtiful Joe series of action beat 'em up games. He is a superhero featured primarily in movies of the Viewtiful Joe universe, voiced by Gregg Berger in the games, and George C. Cole in the anime.

Story Edit

Originally known as Director Blue, the father of Silvia, he was renowned for directing superhero movies, especially those of Captain Blue. Eventually the fans moved on and Captain Blue was forgotten, though Director Blue was inexplicably drawn to Movieland to have a chance at being a hero. However, in the process, Blue began to forget all about his family, and, in time, succumbed to the growing darkness in his soul, wanting revenge on the audience that spurned him.

At the start of the series, he becomes the gigantic being known as King Blue, and starts the evil Jadow organization, though he leads it in the background, in order to escape Movieland and dominate the real world. In order to do so, he kidnaps Silvia to use as a sacrifice, and posing as a good guy, gives Joe his V-Watch. After being defeated, he comes to his senses, reunites with Silvia, and returns to being a director and actor in subsequent games.


As a hero, Captain Blue has a V-Watch and the exact powers of Joe. As a villain, Captain Blue has demonstrated some of the abilities the Jadow agents have. Those powers include the powers of immeasureable strength, fast swimming ability, fire breathing, flight, and electro-kinesis.

Outside of his powers he has been shown to be a very creative and intellegent person. He has created many inventions, one of these inventions include the V-Watch.

Other AppearancesEdit

Captain Blue has a cameo in Joe's ending in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and he appear as a card in the Heroes and Heralds Mode in the game's updated version.

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