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Capcom Fighting Collection is a collection of fighting games from Capcom. It was announced on 21th February 2022,[1][2] and released on June 24th, 2022.

It is the first entry in the Fighting Collection series,[3] and will be followed by Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics in 2024.

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In Japan, Capcom Fighting Collection is bundled with the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection in a special pack: the "Fighting Legends Pack", which released on June 24th.[4] Players can also pre-order the game.[5]


The game was released on June 24, 2022 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. A special physical edition includes Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection exclusively in Japan.[6] Pre-orders and early purchases of the collection include digital codes of all new music remixes, original & exclusive illustrations, and Three Wonders for Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium. The re-releases of Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2, however, removed the secret ending, whose background artwork implied an incestuous relationship between Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, who are canonically sisters.[7] Another update on removing a mature dialogue.[8]

On September 27, 2022, a free update was released for all versions. This update includes adding quality of life features, making existing features more robust, bug fixes both for the collection as a whole and the original games, and some console exclusive changes like ID tags on PlayStation 4 and a bug involving the online leaderboard on Nintendo Switch.[9]


Capcom Fighting Collection received "generally favorable" reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic.


The Nintendo Switch version of the game sold 3,433 physical copies in Japan during its first week of release, making it the fourteenth bestselling retail game of the week in the country. The PlayStation 4 version sold 2,798 physical copies in Japan throughout the same week, making it the sixteenth bestselling retail game in Japan throughout the week.[10]


  • Similar how Darkstalkers 3 having a situation on not having extra playable characters from home consoles in video game compilations such as Darkstalkers Resurrection, Cyberbots also does not have the boss characters who are playable in its home consoles featured in this compilation.



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