Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Arcade Game​ (キャディラックス 恐竜新世紀, Cadillacs Kyōryū Shin Seiki?) is a 1993 arcade game released by Capcom. It is a side-scrolling beat 'em up based on the comic book series Xenozoic Tales. The game was produced as a tie-in to the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs animated series which was aired that same year. The story and character descriptions are extremely (although unintentionally) humorous.



Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - arcade beat em up - 1992


(From the arcade flyer)

  • Jack Tenrec - "A hot-blooded man who loves (the) nature. He is a leader of the team and loves Cadillac. His sliding attack is very powerful".
  • Hannah Dundee - "A genius scientist and a cool head. Her fighting style is that of a man and she has an iron will. She is proficient in using items and is a high jumper. She also mastered a triangular jump".
  • Mustapha Cairo - "A skilled engineer. He has a sense of humor and is very agile as a panther. The enemies hardly keep up with his incredible speed."
  • Mess O'Bradovich - "A gentle giant. Once he gets angry, he cannot be stopped!! He has the greatest strength of all. His flying lariat is a sure threat to poachers".
  • Vice Terhune - First boss the player fights. He attempts to ambush the heroes at a building but fails. Vice then tries to skin a Rock Hopper before being subdued.


Cads and Dinos Dinosaurs.png

(From the arcade flyer)

"Early 26th Century... 100 years have past since men and dinosaurs became to live together. Suddenly the poachers appeared from somewhere and began to slaughter the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs go on a rampage and the whole world is now in confusion. To reveal their evil plot, 4 braves get together! Their adventure has just begun!!".


(From KLOV)

The game is played like another Capcom beat'em up game, Final Fight. One object is to investigate the ruins of 20th Century New York, now buried under water after a massive earthquake. Another is to find out why so many dinosaurs are being captured, mangled, and used in strange genetic engineering projects.

The game has a plentiful selection of weapons to find, including torches, rocks, knives, grenades, and several types of firearms. There is also a section of the game where the player drives a car, mowing down enemies in the way.


Planning: Da., Hattari, Jra
Object: Kurisan, Jun, Matano, SS, Shisui, Kinmon, The Who
Scroll: Nissui, Konomi, Ohnicchan, Bentobucho
Program: Yuki Sɐiko, Cky Gi-U, T Uragoro, Some-P
Compose: Piro2 Oyaji, Syun, Kiyo
Sound Des.: Toshi Bull, Nobu
Assist: Kitasan, Yokozo, Daniel, Inukichi, Ban, Jirou, Kurata-N, Hanisawa
Ad-Design: Sho, Tom, Sensei
USA Support: DJames
Many Thanks: Poo, Nin, Hore Hore, Alex, Super Joe, and Capcom All Staff
Produced by: Capcom

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