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CPSP is a fictional portable video game system in the Street Fighter series. It is based on Capcom's real-life CP Systems, with QSound support and attached with a rolling switch extension.[1]

Sean is seen playing Mega Man: The Power Battle on his CPSP during Street Fighter V. His CPSP loses connection to the server when one of the Black Moons detonated an electromagnetic pulse that shutdown the energy on New York, and it is later destroyed by F.A.N.G's poison to intimidate him.

Sakura's little brother Tsukushi Kasugano also has a CPSP, the fighting RPG "Ryukenkōki Gaiden: Todoroki no Shō" (龍拳剛記外伝 轟の章?, "Dragon Fist Strong Chronicle Gaiden: The Rumble Chapter") being one of his games.[2]


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  • The top middle game seen in the concept art of the CPSP is the obscure fighting game Red Earth.
  • In A Shadow Falls, Rashid throws a CPSP on F.A.N.G.


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