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Buster Bros. Collection is a 1997 PlayStation compilation composed of three arcade puzzle games: Buster Bros., Super Buster Bros. and Buster Buddies.


Balloons bounce around a 2D stage, and it's up to the players to shoot them with spiked chains. As the balloons pop, they split into smaller balloons until they've all been popped. As the balloons become more numerous, it gets harder and harder to avoid them.


  • The first two games were also featured on the PlayStation Portable compilation Capcom Puzzle World.


Arcade Version (Buster Bros.)[]

Planning: Nda.
Program: Hospital Masa., Mamichan Otona.
Music Compose: Tamayo .
Character Design: Hiramattyo., Oyuu.
Special Thanks: Kuramoyan., Kappetan., Powerful Konomi., Rinma., Masako., Jyunichi., Oji., and Others ...
Direction: Kihaji.O.

Additionally, Buster Bros, like many other games during this era of gaming, credited its staff in its default Score Ranking Table, which is as follows:

  • 1st 100000 M.S
  • 2nd 80000 M.K
  • 3rd 70000 T.U
  • 4th 60000 K.H
  • 5th 50000 Y.N
  • 6th 40000 Y.K
  • 7th 30000 Y.F
  • 8th 20000 M.N
  • 9th 10000 M.M
  • 10th 5000 J.O

Buster Buddies[]

Planner: Da., F.Kuwahara, S.Obata (Manhattan)
Programmer: Cat, Y.Inada (Ine), T.Misawa
Character Designer: Imo, Tom-Pang, S.Kitamura, Ban, Miyo.
Artist: Y.N, Akagi, Joe, A.Hamada
Music Composer: Oyaji
Sound Designer: Toshi Kajino, Hiroaki.K
Supervisor: Kihaji.O
Special Thanks: CBX, Wanwan, Media's Staff, R&D All Staff, and...You!
Presented by: Mitchell Corp.