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Bull (ブル Buru?) is a Final Fight character who made his first appearance in the second installment in the series as a frequent minor enemy character of the Mad Gear Gang alongside similar characters Schot, Elijah, Jack, Mark, and Mic.



Bull is an immensely muscular man with a mohawk and a beard. He has suspender straps that criss-cross each other which are used to hoister up his pants. He also wears boots that have fur lining. He slightly resembles Zangief.


Despite his appearance, Bull is a kind-hearted man that has a wife and a daughter. He grew up in the wilderness and loves plants and animals. He even adopted a white dog. He went back to Metro City in hopes of making a fortune. He injured his back once while working. Because of this, He's considering on getting a new job.


Although Bull is slow, He can deal heavy damage.